hello, old friend

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

yes, i know it's been a while.

yes, i know i'm a fair-weather friend.

yes, i know i'm older now.

yes, i know i'm not any wiser though.

yes, i know i'm still the same.

yes, i know i'm emo-ing cos i only come to you at times like this. 

yes, i know i'm not actually emo-ing this time.

yes, i know i'm too old to emo nemo anymore.

yes, i know i'm being mengade.

yes, i know i'm here because i don't know a lot of things. again.

yes, let's talk, just like old times.

shall we?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybe I shouldn't have. But you're still a douchebag.

Sometimes, I seem to recall these little memories tucked nicely at the back of my head, at the most inopportune moments. Y'know, those aforementioned tucked away memories that, when unboxed, lead to that "ah, so that's what it was" moment.

Cos there I was, minding my own business, going my own merry way... When I absentmindedly noticed the messy queue of people.

Glancing at the long line in front of the sushi joint, I correctly guessed that it was that promo again. Why would anyone want to eat at that lousy-ass sushi place anyway? And then I vaguely remembered the last time I stepped foot into that place. Oh well. Tucked that memory back. Shrugged it off.

And that was when the aroma hit me. That fresh, oven-baked scent. Butter and chocolate chips. When was the last time I had those to eat? I remember leaning against the railing, waiting. And then... You, holding out to me a little bag of that freshly baked stuff.

That was probably something you don't usually do, I suppose. So maybe, I shouldn't have. We're both adults, but one of us has the maturity of an adolescent. Yep, that's me. The other has the maturity of a 4-year-old throwing a sulking fit. Yep, that's you.

You can't blame me if you didn't do anything, and didn't plan to do anything. So, you couldn't - and didn't - blame me. Instead, you did whatever it was you did.

Granted, I suppose one part of me knew what it was. And what I was. So okay, maybe I shouldn't have.

But you're still a douchebag.

Me and my lazy ass

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Somehow, even with this ridiculously convenient bloggers app, I have a sneaky feeling it won't change how frequent I blog... Which is... Hardly ever. Sporadic at best.

And even if I DO blog, it will likely be some half-assed few-liners post. Or some hipster-wannabe attempt with some random (kononnya) artsy pic coupled with philosophical / emo words. Y'know, like what you see on tumblr.

Emo-ness is usually my main driver for blogging - an emo me is a blogger-happy me. So I guess the lack of blog posts is an indication of how at peace I am...

(... Or, I'm simply just a lazy ass la =p)

a beautiful mess

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

and what a beautiful mess this is
it's like taking a guess

when the only answer is yes =)

i'd go for a ride on your big jet plane. anytime.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i am but a creature of habit. familiarity gives me comfort, and i like being enveloped in it.

it's just too easy to play something i know well, one that i know the words by heart, every riff, every beat. that one moment in the song that makes me drop everything i'm doing, just to relish those few amazing seconds.

unfortunately, this whole familiarity thing, it impedes me from expanding my search for something new or undiscovered.

and also because, y'know, even when it comes to something i'm passionate about... i'm still a lazy, procrastinating fuck.

and then one day i might randomly stumble upon this song, or this artiste / band. and i feel that rush.

the rush when i discover music i absolutely love.

also. need to get external hard drive dammit. gotta store all these awesome stuff somewhere.

now excuse me while i hit replay for some auditory orgasm.

it's 2011 already

Monday, January 03, 2011

forget a long list of resolutions... i've always been too much of a procrastinator to come up with new year resolutions anyway.

this year's one is short and simple.

love and respect thyself =)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

as it is, what with my one-liner posts and random video plugs, i might as well just use tumblr.

we'll see.